JP NdagijimanaJean Pierre Ndagijimana is devoted to helping people achieve the highest degree of mental and physical health through education, coaching and training in stress regulation. Learning to create peace and find the gap of calm in life is critical for brain-body wellness.

We respond to what we perceive and make an interpretation about our external and internal environment. That interpretation can ignite our survival circuit in the brain-body stimulating a stress reaction. Our brain-body immediately reacts. If our stress reaction is prolonged for protracted periods of time, months or even years in the case of highly adverse life events, this accumulation of the stress reaction and the cascade of stress hormones that accompanies it, can have a profound impact on our health over time.

Threats can be internal or external perceptions. Internal threat is memory-based thought of what has happened in the past, stimulated by our senses and our fear of risk about what might happen in the future. External threat is the perception of something that is actually happening in the moment that can cause us harm. At times our memory and our moments can collide and without training to stay in the moment may create an enhanced stress reaction.

Stress hormones play a vital role in maintaining our survival, increasing strength, agility, focus and stamina at critical moments. The stress response is the same whether the threat is physical or emotional, real or impacted by memories of adverse life events that happened in the past. The stress response is critical and in measured doses helps us be successful. However, after years of chronic activation the stress response can lead to physical problems including: headaches, sleep problems, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, digestive difficulties, fatigue, and exhaustion which can mimic depression. The increase in heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, respiration rate as well as the impact on our immune and gastrointestinal systems can cause harm. Stress is a silent killer.

Our focus is on PREVENTION- coaching and teaching people how to develop healthy habits that offer tools for regulating stress. Stress is neither bad nor good. Our stress response is an ordinary part of being alive. We are all impacted by our current situations and history. It is easy to become vulnerable to unsuccessful stress regulation habits. We can, however, learn to live successfully in the Now or what we call UBU and find the occasional gap of calm in order to help regulate our stress response.

Jean Pierre Ndagijimana brings education and experience to Ubu Training. As a public health psychologist, his strong academic base combined with his real-world life experiences make him an excellent stress regulation coach.

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Ubu Training is a business devoted to providing stress regulation training in Rwanda. Ubu Training is affiliated with Talk Recovery® and TRT-Rwanda.